Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mat Kearney Concert

A fun night out with Kel and Shane last night. Met for dinner at the 508 Club in Minneapolis, then made our way to the Mat Kearney Concert, at 1st Ave. Mat was especially fun to see LIVE, because we were able to hear Shane & Kels engagement song, along with Matt & I's wedding song (that Shane also played the drums too).

To end the night, we did a short walk to the Saloon, to see Ryan C. at work. While there, we were able to meet Santa Claus. If that was really Santa Claus....well lets just say, I have a lot to reevaluate about life... :)Shane ended our memorable night with a little number,up on a dance box, before leaving the Saloon. All in all, it was a great night out.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vikings... family... friends

After a week and 1/2 of dealin with Kidney Stones, being in the hospital, and dealing with some crappy stuff at work, I have to say that this last Monday was exactly what I needed. I wish the rest of my family could have made it, but even in their absence, it was a great night.

The night included: 1) Hanging out with my brother, sister in law and my beautiful niece Raina 2) Gettin to see my best friend Nate and give him lots of hugs. He also surprised me by showing me a VERY meaningful tattoo he had just gotten that day (He is home on leave from Iraq)and 3) Seeing the Vikings beat the Packers which is an excitement all on its own. I also was able to see my main man, Allen, kick some serious butt (YAY ALLEN). To top it all off, I got the greatest gift from a co-worker that morning. She game me some Viking pj pants. They will be worn the next game:) During the Packer Game though, I had to wear my new Vikings jersey with my husband Matt (Notice Matts stylin hair that night).