Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Enjoying the night...

Even though in slippers and pjs, she talked us into letting her out on the deck.  Lol... Looks like she still loves it. She especially likes talking to daddy through the window. :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

In a Nutshell

The last month has flown by, and we just have not had a chance to do much blogging. So, here are the last month's highlights for the Ackborn family.

Uncle Nate came to Visit: 

This is my (Heather's) birthday gift (extremely belated...LOL), from Nate, that he finally remembered to give to me. It is probably the best birthday gift, I have ever received. He got it for me, when he was on his last tour in Iraq.  
It includes a US flag, and a certificate that basically states:
 "This is to certify  that this flag of the United States of America,
 was proudly flown in honor of Heather Ackborn,
over COB Basra, Iraq...."

Basra was the Headquarters of Nates "Red Bull" Infantry Division, while he was in Iraq. This specific flag was flown there, on my birthday, Aug. 14th. And as I already said, but will say again...It was such an amazing gift, and an honor to receive it. Thanks Nate :)

Getting some very fun gifts from Great Grandma & Grandpa

Listenin' to some tunes with my cousin Tan...

Just chillin and having a drink with Daddy: 
Sometimes a girl's just gotta let her hair do what it wants to do. :) LOL

"I'm a pretty Big Deal...": 
After guest appearing at Auntie Kellie's classroom, I got to be a part of Uncle Taylor's homework assignment (Human Development Class). He came to my house and asked Mommy and Daddy a lot of questions about me. After that, he observed me do many things. He even did some experiments with me, and from what I could tell, I "Aced" most of them. :)

Celebrating Cousin Adam's birthday 
with the Tuma's and the Zoliks:

Playing with Auntie Jodi and her doll house. I loved it so much, that she let me take it home with me. "Thanks Auntie Jodi"

Kisses for Auntie

Hangin' out with my Auntie Cari, and sharin' some of my nummies with her :)

Feedin' myself like a big girl

Check out my cool handy dandy highchair, which Auntie Cari rigged up for me

I love spending time with the "big kids." My cousins are so nice to me. I especially had a lot of fun with my cousin Adam :)

Just hangin' with the boys (Uncle Phil and Paul, and Cousin Adam and Daniel)