Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Daniel!

I don't do as well as my wife on updating the blog. But after a few reminders from her, I get on sooner or later. :) I always say, "better late than never."

Bostyn & I headed over to Champlain 2 weekends ago, to hang out with my family, and celebrate Daniel's birthday. We decided it was best for Heather to stay back with Naya. But they had their own fun that day. They had a "girls day" and Naya got all of her aunties attention, with Bostyn being gone. :)

It was great to see everyone. And Bostyn was definitely not hurting for any attention. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon. (And Daniel, I hope you haven't forgotten, we are due for a Mystic outing soon :) )

Sunday, October 23, 2011



Obviously can't be predicting how today's game will end, but everyone has to agree that the opening play of game was pretty perfect. A big "kudos" to Ponder, and obviously a "kudos" to Visantheeeeeeeeeeeee Shiaaancooooe. Baby Bostyn obviously knows who she is rootin' for.

Bostyn cheerin on her favorite player, Jared Allen, as he got his sack with 2 minutes left in the first quarter!!!!!!!!!

A, I & B: The next generation

   The 3 girls... with their 3 girls :)
If anyone knew me growing up, then you definitely knew my 2 best friends, also. You never really heard our names separately. It was like we had one name: HeatherHollieRaquel! Even though life and family and jobs and circumstances have separated us from time to time, we still find ways back to each other somehow. About a year and a half ago, we had 3, totally unexpected surprises. First it was Roc (Raquel) who found out she was expecting a girl (Addy) in November 2010, then it was Hollie finding out that she was expecting a girl (Ivy) in December 2010, and then Heather completed the trio, by finding out she was expecting a girl (Bostyn) in January 2011.
So this last weekend, it was less about HH&R anymore, and more about AI&B (Addy, Ivy, and Bostyn). On Saturday, we got together before holidays swarmed our schedules, and celebrated the 3 girls' 1st birthdays. Lots of fun was had by all. Who knows how life will end up, but it would sure be special if these 3 girls could experience even half the relationship that us 3 girls shared growing up.
"Don't be afraid Ivy, that's just my mom. She's  alright."
             Ivy                Bostyn               Addy
Eating cake for the first time ever...
Addy (pictured above: the oldest of the 3) decided to show the girls how it's done. She literally took the WHOLE piece of cake at once, and stuffed as much in her mouth as she could. LOL. 

Ivy (born about a month after Addy), was the one to eat just as much cake, but in a much more "proper" fashion. It was pretty impressive. Bostyn (born a few weeks after Ivy) was very hesitant, as she poked a finger at the cake every once in awhile. By the time January rolls around, Im sure she will be ready to dive in... 
"And that's how its done girls... Now give me another!"
Sad to say, but it's probably only a matter of time, that Ivy and Bostyn will have a crush on this one. (Addy's big brother, Ben "Jammin") 
                                             Bostyn        Ivy                Addy

The girls end their birthday celebration, playing in Addy's Jumpoline. So fun!!!
"Mom, you know I have to have one of these now, right?
...I'm just sayin'...!"

Happy 1st Birthday Girls! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

All good things come to an end...

Last Sunday, we had to say goodbye to Naya :( Even though it was sad to have her go, it was pretty fun to watch how excited she was, knowing she was going to see Momma Jodi and Daddy Ry Ry.

The last 4 days that she stayed with us were just as eventful as the first 4. According to Naya, the highlights of staying at Auntie and Uncles, were:

1) Playing dress up (of course), and sometimes dressing Ranger up. He did his best to let her, even though humiliated :) He figures he better get ready for the inevitable, because Bostyn will be doing the very same thing within time. :)

2) "Swimming in the living room" (aka taking a bath "Auntie style", which consisted of filling a big tupperware every day and letting her play in it.) And it also became our little thing, that I would take her out of the bath, and wrap her with an extra big towel. She would then say (like clockwork) with a big smile, "I'm still cold," and she knew that I would then sweep her up, wrap her up in a big blanket and snuggle her up before setting her down while she warmed up.

3) Having "dance parties," which mostly consisted of Naya dancing it up (to the Giggle Bellies) while we sat and watched her. And sometimes she was able to get us all up and dancing.

4)She also liked sitting with Auntie and Bostyn, while singing with the "Giggle Bellies" version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" during "settle down time," before bed.

4) Going to bed with Auntie, Uncle & Bostyn, and watching "Curious George" every night. Not sure why this was such a hit, when she usually would fall asleep before the opening song was even over.

5) Every night, choosing a sticker to put on the "How many sleeps before I get to see Mommy and Daddy" calendar.

6) Making the "Welcome Home" bouquet of flowers (homemade) for Mommy and Daddy.

7.) And last but not least, making her very own t-shirt, and even getting to wear it the day she went home.

We miss you Nay, and loved having you stay with us. Thanks for the memories :) Bostyn can't wait until she gets to see you again.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Off to Auntie and Uncles house...

Last Saturday night, our niece Naya arrived at our house to stay with us for a week, while Jodi and Ryan are on vacation with Nana and Papa. Bostyn is in heaven and Im afraid to see what "withdrawal" will look like once Naya goes back home. :( And even Naya may be a little sad leaving with all the fun she has been having.
We have been loving every minute of having her, and she makes sure to keep us busy :) Especially Uncle Matt who gets to spend every day with the 2 girls. Matt is truly a superstar, and the girls seem to think so too.
Below are pictures from the last 4 days. I can't believe her stay with us, is already 1/2 over :( Just in this short amount of time, I can tell the house will have such a different feel, once the little ball of energy goes back home.
Tanner (Our nephew/ Naya's brother) came and stayed with us the first night, before he went to go and stay with his dad. He helped us with the transtion, especially when he served the role as "translator," and letting us know what Naya was saying (LOL). She pretty much adores her brother, and as you can tell, he feels the same for her.
No, this is not the only bedroom in our house, but it IS the only bedroom that the kids requested to sleep in that night. So, all 5 of us, including Ranger found our own spot for the night. This also started our now, nightly ritual of watching "Curious George" before going to bed.

One of Naya's favorite things to do so far, is play "dress up." Auntie  might have gone a little overboard, and put together  a special dress up station, just for Naya while she stayed. It has definitely been one of the biggest hits. We just laugh and watch her look at herself in the mirror. She very much admires her self. LOL.

A future "Monet" displaying her artwork on our windows
Took Nay Nay to the park on her first full day with us, which lead to her first back flip off of a swing (unintentionally). No worries, we quickly moved her to the "safe swings" as Uncle Matt called them. LOL
Eating her salad, that she made ALL by her self. She was very proud. And it was what she wanted to eat at the next 3 meals.
Naya picking our her sticker for the, "How many sleeps until I get to see Mommy and Daddy" calendar. This is part of our nightly routine before nigh-nigh!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Many Happy Birthdays...

The Oborn family decided to celebrate many birthdays at once this weekend, due to being so busy. So, we extended a big "Happy Birthday" to Ky (Sept. 11), Shane (Sept. 24), Naya (Oct. 8), Jodi (Oct. 24), Dad (Nov. 11), and El (Dec. 20). It was a fun time watching the kids with their new presents.

The boys were busy with their rock excavation kits, break your own geodes, and Nana's project of "Mining" for rocks/stones and gems. 

Meanwhile, Naya was loving her new presents from Nana & Papa (which included a Cabbage Patch Doll, a matching outfit for she and her doll, and a carry seat for her doll), and her Aunts & Uncles (which included a bassinet/cradle and pajamas for her baby).

Its rare to get us all together at once, so we made sure to get a pic of all the Oborn grand kids.

(The boys) Tanner (13), Kyertin (8), Eliot (6)
(The girls) Bostyn (9M), Lynnaya (3), and Raina (2)

Last night ended with all the grand kids (except for Raina unfortunately, :( who had already gone to bed) watching a movie with Nana Bonnie in bed, which put her right into "Grandma heaven."

And of course we close off the weekend, with the Vikings game, as the guys all closely watch their fantasy football scores.


We had an unexpected run-in with Grandpa Jack last weekend. That was such a fun surprise.