Monday, February 20, 2012

TCL's first male contestant

That's right. Matt was randomly drawn to be a contestant on Twin Cities Live (TCL). He is the first male contestant to be chosen (Way to represent all the "stay at home" daddies, Matt)   :)

Heather was able to watch with some co-workers from work, as Matt played "Spin & Win" via phone. And he even won!!!! Way to go Matty!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Appearance by Bostyn

On Monday night, Daddy and Bostyn had the spotlight all on them. Auntie Kellie had asked if Bostyn could visit her classroom. Kellie is a college professor, and is teaching her students right now about the stages in human development. So the students were able to observe Bostyn, and ask Matt all kinds of questions re: her developmental stage right now (what she eats, how she sleeps, how she plays, etc.). Matt said Bostyn clung to him the whole time, and didn't come out of her shell much. (Sorry Kel) But I suppose it was a pretty accurate visual of how kids are at this age. :)

Thanks Kellie for letting us be a part of your world for a little bit. It was an honor.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Oborn First Quarter Birthday Bash

This last weekend, we celebrated the first quarter of birthdays in the Oborn family. Happy Birthday Bostyn, Bonnie (Nana), and Ryan (insert birthday high five here).  Bostyn had a blast, playing with her cousins, and opening all her fun gifts. Every other waking (& sleeping) second was spent with her most favorite person in the world....her Nana. We are not sure when it happened, but Bostyn's heart definitely belongs to her Nana, and she isn't giving it up to anyone else, any time soon.

Thanks everyone, for a great weekend, and for all of Bostyn's great gifts.

Helping Nana open her birthday gifts

Look at my "Nuggle Bug" Birthday cupcakes Nana made me
Look at my new baby that blows kisses, just like I learned how to do. Thanks Auntie Jo Jo and Uncle Ry Ry

I loved my new book from Auntie Kellie and Uncle Shane

Oh my gosh. It's everything I've always wanted. My very own shopping cart, to put stuff in, and take stuff out. That's my favorite pass time lately. Thanks Nana and Papa for knowing me so well.

The older girls clearly had better things to do, as they played with Auntie Heather's cell phones. It's pretty obvious that these girls will not be strangers to the telephone as they get older. :) LOL

Just hangin out with my Nana

Nana showing Naya how to use her Easy Bake oven, that she got a few months ago for her birhtday. Bostyn was pretending like she was involved in the action too.

Just hangin with the girls :)