Monday, June 28, 2010


Well all, we figured it was time to officially bring the news out, that we are expecting.

Heather is almost 11 weeks into her pregnancy, so we are just starting out this journey.

Last Friday 6/25, we were able to hear the heartbeat, which was an experience that cannot be explained through words. Heather has had quite a few obstacles to get through ever since finding out that we are pregnant, which has created some obstacles for Matt also :)!! But the thoughts of having a little Baby Ackborn on the way, has helped us keep it all in perspective. As of right now, our due date is January 18th. We obviously do not know whether it is a girl or boy yet, but stay tuned and before you know it, we will have some more great news :)

We could not be more excited to enter this new part of life.