Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh the joys of routines....

Bostyn is getting to the point, where she will not just sleep anywhere during her nap time (which was such a great luxury). She has started to wake up as soon as we lay her down, and seems to think she doesn't need to sleep. So, now we have been trying to come up with a "nap routine," so that Bostyn knows it is nap time, based on where we lay her. We used to lay her on the floor or on the couch, or somewhere in the open. Now, we have decided to place her in her "pack -n- play" for nap time. Well needless to say, she is not so keen on the idea. She is completely beside herself, that she would be put into some kind of contraption, where she can not easily see her mom, dad and puppy. So, she has done her best to stretch her neck as long as possible, to simply get a peek, back out into the real world. After a few minutes, she will let out a quick whine, just to let us know, "I will not be accepting of this new plan." When she was doing this, Matt and I had all we could do, not to bust out laughing. It was just too cute, to watch her peek her little eyes out, just for a glimpse :) OH BOSTYN!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last Few Weeks...

Hangin' out with my cousins,
Nay-Nay & Wyatt (2nd cousin).

My 1st "4th of July" outfit

"Momma says it's important
to Support Our Troops"

"This is my Uncle Taylor. 
It was my 1st time meeting him. 
I liked him a lot."

We made a "wave pool" for Nay in Nana and Papa's pool. She had tons of fun. The video nor the picture below, show how big the waves really got. The waves were literally coming 
up above the pool. It was lots of fun. 

When Uncle Matt needed a rest,
 Nay would just turn around and 

say, "more waves Uncle Matt."

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fun filled day....

Down in Faribault for the holiday weekend. Bostyn had a fun day swimming with her cousin Naya (w/ their matching suits). And now, just winding down for the night, with her cousin Tan. I had to capture some pics of them, because it was beyond precious. She adores her big cousin Tanner :)