Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quick highlights of September

Auntie Jo Jo officially claims Bostyn as her "Lil Liza'd" (Also notice her new teeth, which she loves to show off. All SIX of them)

Bostyn gets her first new car at 8 months old

She quickly learned her place, once cousin Nay Nay got a hold of the car. LOL

Cousin Raina came to stay for a night, and she quickly took on the "Mother" role with Bostyn. :)

Mom (Bonnie), Dad (Steve), Kellie, Heather, & Matt attend a cooking class for Shane's birthday. Fun night to say the least....

And last but DEFINITELY not least... she started with the barrel roll, moved onto the army crawl, and now she is a true crawler. If there were an Olympics for crawling, her dad is sure she would win the gold. 

More to come, so ALWAYS stay tuned... :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A month come and gone....

The month of August was eventful for the Ackborn family.

During the second week of August, Matt was able to attend the annual trip to "Huddles Resort" with some of his family (Cruikshanks, Tumas, and Zoliks). He spent a well deserved few days, away from home, and was just able to have fun and relax. (I will continue to remind him to post some pics).
While he was gone, my sister and niece came to stay with me. They took care of Bostyn, while I was at work. Even though Bostyn missed Daddy Daycare, she was pretty happy to spend time with the girls.

The third weekend of August, we were able to spend some time with Matt's dad and stepmom. Bostyn loved the attention, and also loved the fun books they brought for her. And since we were in Faribault, we obviously spent some time at Mom and Dad's pool. Tan and Matt (along with Range) spent the whole day having competitions :)

Lastly, we chose to close off the 2011 Summer, with a very fun get-away with the Oborn family. We all chipped in (with mom and dad getting the biggest chunk of the bill/Thanks mom and dad), and rented a beautiful houseboat. Words cannot even describe how amazing this boat was. Highlights from this trip were:

* The boat itself: It had 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining area, full kitchen, in addition to a sun deck with a wetbar area, 2 waterslides, and also a lower patio area.
* Simply being on the River
* Making stops at little private islands along the way (especially the one with the huge sand hill...Range, Matt, and the kids loved climbing the hill and then running down).
* Waking up in the morning, and seeing the river right outside your window.
* The Book of Questions. Just when you think you know someone...
* Seeing Bostyn in her lifejacket
* Watching Ranger, and realizing he may have loved the trip more than all of us put together.
* Experiencing our first Lock & Dam. As Ky put it, "This is an exciting new experience for us!"
* Dad saying to Shane, "Ya, you better just cool it..."
* El talking about memories of his own birth.... Yup, you heard me right!
* A somewhat frustrated Kellie, trying to get a few minutes to herself, and telling Raina that it was "Mom's turn to eat breakfast now," and Raina getting a huge smile and a little giggle, and saying, "Oh Mommy."
* And the famous quotes of the weekend, ...At this point? ...Is it real?....Great group of guys here .... Four ton pound! Everybody time! Everybody Time!