Monday, January 16, 2012

Momma's day off

I love when Mommy stays home from work. Already today, we have played, read books, and we even called Nana, Papa, and Auntie JoJo over webcam. Even though they are all the way in Florida, I still can see them on the computer, which is really fun. They always sing songs with me, and one of my favorites is "Bostyn's here today." After that, I got to go outside on the deck with my mommy and my puppy Ranger. Even though it was a little cold, I still had lots of fun. The deck is definitely one of my very favorite spots. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm 1 year old already

Happy 1st Birthday Bostyn Lou!!!!!!!!
Believe it or not, but I turned one on January 10. I waited all day for momma to get home from work, so we could celebrate. It was so fun because I got lots of attention. Mommy and Daddy sang to me (which was nothing to write home about), gave me lots of fun presents including a cool balloon I like to play with, and a really nummy cake that I got to eat all by myself :) I was so tired when all was said and done. It's pretty fun being one :)

Florida 2012

After staying home from the annual Oborn trip to Florida last year, due to being weeks away from Bostyn's birth, we were more than ready to get back there this year. It was so awesome to spend time with the whole family, but mostly, it was so fun (and filled with many mixed emotions) to have Bostyn with. It was crazy for me to think that I have been going on this annual Florida vacation my whole life, and now I was bringing my own family. Crazy how time flies. All in all, it was so great to share with our daughter. And also to have time, not only to connect again with the whole family, but also to get that time away with my husband.
Raina just relaxing in the sun with Uncle Matt

Waking up from nap :)

Bostyn didnt want the tan lines today :)

Very excited about the tube Nana picked up for her...

Grill-out/Seafood Night

These guys lucked out and watched the other men do the grillin'

Just playing with Daddy

Lovin my Mommy up

Practicing my back float with Momma, plus showing off my new AE 77 suit :)

Having fun in the Kids Play Room with my cousin Raina

Meetin' some new friends

Mom's (Bonnie) night out with ALL the boys