Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love Happens....

"...So certainly something we learn from animals is love..."

Monday, May 23, 2011

A weekend of celebrating...

Yesterday, May 22, was the big 2 YEAR wedding anniversary for Matt and I. We had planned to celebrate on Saturday night, and go stay in a beautiful Suite at Mystic Lake (Thanks to mom and dad). But when I came home from work on Friday, Matt had been hard at work, with his 2 sidekicks (Range and Bostyn), preparing our own little celebration at home. It was such a fun and unexpected surprise.

So, Friday night, was our night to celebrate as a family. Matt put together an amazing meal of brisket, asparagus, twice baked potatoes, and french bread. On the beautifully set table, he had a center piece of flowers, and the most amazing card I have ever received from him. In addition, Matt had put together a wedding slide show AND video for us to watch together. I have to say, he continues to be the most AMAZING husband anyone could ask for. And it was so very fun, to celebrate with Bostyn and Ranger too :)

On Saturday, Nana and Papa excitedly took Bostyn and Ranger for a sleep over, so we were able to have a night by ourselves. We had tons of fun at mystic, despite me losing a $65 ticket :( So, all in all, the weekend was one big ongoing celebration of our anniversary. Who can complain about that? :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer's around the corner

Since the weather has been getting so nice, Bostyn went outside for her first stroll around the neighborhood. She was able to meet some people along the way, who were also eager to meet the new Ackborn :) It took her awhile to get used to the natural sunlight, so for most of the walk, her eyes were squinted:) We made sure to buy her a pair of sunglasses to help her out for the future. She tried them on the other day, to make sure she is also ready to sit poolside at Nana and Papa's this summer.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Today was my first official Mothers Day :) which was so very fun, in and of itself. Being the mom of my beautiful Bostyn, is more than enough to make me feel beyond special. But then the day had added pieces, that made my day forever memorable. A few men wanted to honor the mothers of their children, and so they did. My husband Matt, my brother Shane, my dad Steve, my grandpa Chuck, my brother-in-law Ryan, my nephew Tanner, along with the men from my sister-in-laws family, made sure that we all had a fabulous Mother's Day.

All the men were up bright and early this morning, preparing for the day. Each had their own designated task that they fulfilled beautifully (despite a few little mishaps along the way= Its ok Matt, we still love you). The women, were scheduled to arrive at Shane & Kels house (thank you Shane and Kel for hosting :), so appreciated), at 10:00am. When we showed up, the men had a gorgeous layout for a "Mothers Day" Brunch. Shane had made the best homemade quiches I have EVER had. The rest of the men made sure to take care of all the other details, which included: fresh doughnuts, caramel rolls and pastries, fresh cut fruit, buttered toast, coffee, fabulous juices including one tasty exotic one :) (LOL), a beautifully set table with fresh cut flower arrangements as center pieces (enough arrangements for each mother to take one home). We so appreciated all the hard work and planning that was put into this day (especially from Shane, who hosted, designated duties, and made our main dish).

Needless to say, my first Mothers Day was great, and it was an awesome start to motherhood. A special thank you to my wonderful husband Matt, my precious daughter Bostyn, and my awesome puppy Ranger. You 3 give me a reason to smile every day, and I could not feel more honored to call you my family.