Saturday, January 12, 2013

Im 2 years old...

Our little girl turned 2 last Thursday. Where does the time go??? Bostyn was so excited to open her presents and is very proud to tell us how old she is :) She also got to choose her outfit for the day which she chose her new Minnie mouse pajamas. :) Hard to believe how big she has gotten, and that we will be welcoming her little sister in just eight weeks.

Daddy of course, was very excited about Bostyn's new vacuum that came with her cleaning caddy.


  1. Love my little Punky and excited to welcome Bentley(sp?)Stevie to our family.

  2. Oh lil lizard, I love you soo much!!! Happy birthday precious angel.

  3. I love her hair! she just keeps getting cuter and cuter- can't wait till I get to see pics of her with baby Ackborn #3