Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

A fun filled weekend in Faribault, for the Ackborns. Bostyn hung out at Auntie JoJo's on Saturday, so Mom and Dad could get away for a belated anniversary night out. On Sunday, it was off to Auntie Cari & Uncle Phils, for a fun night with the Cruikshank/Zolik/Tuma family for Alex's birthday. On Monday, we fit in more family time. Matt & Bostyn started out the day, by having lunch with Grandma Lisa. Later on, back at Nana & Papa's house; Heather's Grandma & Grandpa, her Aunt Debbie, Cousin Tara & her son, Wyatt came over to visit for a bit. Wyatt and Bostyn were born 2 months apart, so it was fun to get them together for some play time. 
"Papa always wants pictures with me, but I wasn't up for smilin'"

Swingin with Auntie Jodi, while snuggling up to Grandma Sharon

Awwwww... Daddy & Uncle Phil

Jammies, Ba-Ba, Nuggle Blanket, and Auntie Cari... can life get much better than that?

A moment alone with Auntie Cari....

The birthday boy playing some ball with the boys...
As you can see, Daniel was not fearing his competition...

Bostyn with Grandpa Jack, Daddy, Auntie Jodi, and Uncle Paul

"Hey Wy... check out all the toys we can play with."

Showing Wyatt how fun it is, to clap and sing with Nana

She never passes up reading time with Daddy

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