Sunday, June 24, 2012

Giving and Getting...

Two weekends ago, the Oborn family got together, and celebrated all the summer birthdays. Kellie and Shane hosted a potluck and bonfire at their home, which was very much appreciated.

Beforehand though, we all had the opportunity to be a part of a really cool experience (Thanks to Kellie for the idea, and for setting it up). We all went to a place in Chanhassen, called "Feeding my Starving Children," and volunteered for a 2 hour time slot ( ). I would recommend that EVERYONE do this at least once. Its such a neat opportunity, the time goes quickly, and you are left amazed at how much you can really do/give/provide in a short amount of time. You leave, truly feeling like the time you spent there, really mattered. The Oborn assembly line, had a hard time getting in synch (imagine that...) but after awhile, we were rocking it. Once the 2 OCD's (as Matt put it) were running the front of the line, Jod getting the "puff" and bag rhythm down, and Shane directing his attention from our "special guests" to the set task, we all were dancing the same dance.

Getting the instructions before starting the job

We were the proud members of "Cell 2", who packaged a total of 23 boxes by the end of our shift

The 2 OCD's helping with clean up. We literally had to peel mom away from the sink, as she was very disturbed that she could not find any Lime-Away and bleach, to clean the sinks a little more.
Oh goodness...

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